RambleGRUE III:  Friday, September 22nd – 25th 2017

An all-inclusive weekend event hosted at the BDSM community’s home away from home in Darlington, Maryland.


Please note that the 4th day is now an add-on item instead of a separate ticket type!


The GRUE is a groundbreaking kinky twist
to the Open Space/Unconference event model.

Over 50 iterations have now been held throughout the United States and internationally. The GRUE is an event built to harness the passion of the people who show up to learn, share, and experience together. Rather than pre-select presenters and classes, each day there is a self-organizing process by which all attendees co-create exactly the kind of event they want. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from and teach each other fueled entirely by passion. The GRUE is a place where people help each other learn and grow in their kink and their play.

Oh-and while there are parts that are “ropetastic”, ALL KINKS are welcome!

RambleGRUE takes it further…

RambleGRUE shakes up the format by hosting it at the community’s favorite campground, a 200 acre private paradise known and loved by thousands of kinksters across the east coast and around the world. Accommodations include a fully stocked dungeon, several meeting halls, a pool, and as much free space as you could wish for.

 RambleGRUE seeks to give you the atmosphere and opportunity to create the ultimate GRUE experience. In our third year, we’re working hard to ensure that every aspect of the event is even better!

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