So what does GRUE stand for, anyways?

GRUE stands for “Graydancer’s Ropetastic Unconference Extravaganza”.


Do I have to teach something if I come to RambleGRUE?

No, of course not! Come to teach, come to learn, come to sit and discuss power exchange all day by the pool, etc. The GRUE, like Camp, is many things to many people. As long as you’re respecting the grounds and your fellow attendees, if you’re having a good time, you’re doing RambleGRUE right.


The GRUE? That’s a rope thing, right? I don’t like rope.

While “Ropetastic” is in the name, the curriculum at a GRUE is not “rope.” The curriculum is “whatever YOU are excited to teach about” and “whatever YOU want to learn.” GRUEs have seen topics ranging over every single skillset in BDSM, in-depth conversations on power exchange, leather, and how the community handles predators, and even crazy classes like wasabi lubesicles and combat cunnilingus.

A GRUE isn’t a themed convention; it’s what you make it. If you don’t like rope, we’re certain there’s something else you’re passionate about that you’d love to talk with your fellow kinksters about, and we’re looking forward to giving you the space and atmosphere to make it happen.


Am I paying for 3 days or 4?

We are designing RambleGRUE 3 as a 4-day event. However, because we want to make sure that everyone who wants to attend can do so, we are keeping the option for anyone who wants to purchase a 3-day ticket open. These 3-day tickets cost $50 less per tier than the 4-day equivalents, making them exactly the same price as 3 days at the first RambleGRUE!

What does my ticket price include?

Your ticket gets you three nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) sleeping in a cabin on a mattress that is far more comfortable than the term “camping” would imply, as well as 8 full meals, starting with dinner on Friday, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday, and GRUEcakes on Sunday morning, lunch and dinner on Sunday, and GRUEcakes again on Monday!

Also, a bevy of special events, including the GRUEsical, the Hot Ash Cigar Contest, a Cupcake Social, and a Games Night inspired by the gaming convention halls at events like PAX, MAGFest, and GenCon.

Also, the GRUE itself on Saturday, and an extended AfterGRUE on Saturday and Sunday!

The tickets aren’t exactly $100/$125/$150/$175. What gives?

Unfortunately, our credit card processor eats a small percentage of our ticket sales, so there’s a small amount added to your tickets. Sorry!


How can I volunteer?

We have some volunteer positions available. Volunteers will be able to attend the GRUE at a discounted rate. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form here.

Where do I sign up for my cabin?

Cabin signups will start in late June, 2017.


I want to make sure all of my friends are in the same cabin. Can I do that?

Once cabin registrations open, contact us and we’ll be happy to help make it happen, within reason. As long as your group is small enough to fit into a cabin, we should be able to accommodate you. We will not guarantee that ONLY your friends will be assigned to the cabin, though, unless you have exactly enough people to fill a cabin.


Beds are awful, I want to rough it. Can I set up a tent?

Absolutely! There’s an option when you’re buying your ticket to indicate that you intend to tent it. Just be aware that you’re not saving any money doing so; a bunk in the cabins doesn’t cost any extra.


Is there power at Camp?

All of the cabins have power, bathrooms with running water, and overhead fans.



Camp has a wireless network. It’s not the fastest network, though, so you should really expect to entertain yourself by engaging with all the awesome people who’ll be there!


Is this event sex positive?

RambleGRUE is sex positive. We do ask that you be respectful of your fellow attendees and of the grounds. You may not exchange sexual acts for money, goods, or services. Beyond that, have (consensual and safe) fun!


Is this event queer and trans friendly?

Yes, most definitely. If any event is not, you shouldn’t be attending it.


Ok, but HOW is it queer and trans friendly?

Great question! RambleGRUE’s organizers have deep ties within the queer and trans communities, and there are queer and trans folk both on staff and volunteering. Camp Ramblewood has always been a haven for all sexual and gender identities, and RambleGRUE intends to continue that tradition. It is the hope of RambleGRUE to have a thriving community of queer culture to enrich the event.

That said, queer and trans culture is so vast that a few organizer’s perspectives can’t possibly cover everyone. If you have any suggestions on how the event can be more welcoming and inclusive, please reach out to us via Fetmail or by emailing grue@ramblegrue.org!

What should I bring?

Yourself, sunscreen, bug spray, electric fans, warm weather clothing, cold weather clothing, maybe a flashlight (or fleshlight), blankets, sheets and pillows, whatever toys you like, and an open mind. Also, we’d love if you were to bring a willingness to not yell at us for whatever we forgot to recommend bringing!


What size will my bed be?

All beds at Camp are twin-size. If you and a partner are in the same cabin, two beds can be pushed together to form a king-sized bed (please put the beds back where they started when you leave if you do this!)


Will there be enough beds?

The first 400 tickets that we sell will have the option of sleeping in a cabin. After that, if there is demand, we will open up further tickets, but they’ll be for tents only. Just another good reason to buy your ticket early!


What if I can’t arrive until Saturday?

Registration will be open until noon on Saturday. Unfortunately, if you arrive after that point, we don’t think you will get as much out of your GRUE experience. This will be handled on a case by case basis, so contact us if you’re unable to get there in time and we’ll see what we can do for you.