The Anatomy of RambleGRUE

RambleGRUE will run from Friday, September 22 through Monday, September 25th. You are welcome to arrive at Camp anytime after 2PM on Friday to check into your cabin.

Please keep in mind that this timeline is constantly being updated as we add and confirm various aspects.

On Friday, we’ll be devoting the day to socializing and catching up. We’ll be serving dinner at 6:30PM. Afterwards, Graydancer will explain how the GRUE works, and then the evening’s festivities will begin! We’ll be hosting a Game Night in the dining hall, styled after the gaming halls in conventions like GenCon and MAGFest (scaled to RambleGRUE’s size, of course.) There’ll be a cupcake social before that, and later, a bonfire at the fire pit and a return of the popular Fire Spin Jam at the upper dungeon. The dungeon and pool will be open until midnight (weather permitting) that evening. Please feel free to play and have fun, but we suggest getting to bed early and resting well because the GRUE is an exhilarating and exhausting day!

On Saturday, breakfast will be served in the dining hall at 8:30AM. This may seem early, but we want to have as much time available as possible for the main event, and daylight waits for no one. After people arrive and enjoy their meal, Graydancer will give a quick recap, and we’ll create the event board. Once that’s done, we’re all off to teach, learn and share! We’ll keep the day running smoothly through our team of facilitators and operations staff. We’ll be letting you know what classes are running currently, what is coming up, and making sure you have the materials and space you need to both present your ideas and to learn from those around you.

Lunch will be available from 1:00 PM until 2:30 PM, and snackeycakes will be available at Headquarters for those who need a boost (or just a sugar rush).

After a full day of learning, laughs and shenanigans, we’ll conclude at 6PM for the evening news and a fantastic dinner at the dining hall at 6:30 PM.

Once we’ve all had a chance to eat, the AfterGRUE begins! The AfterGRUE is more than just a play party; it’s a continuation of the GRUE itself, blending playtime, continued classes and discussions. The main dungeon will be available and open. You are welcome to play throughout the grounds. Please be respectful of Camp and of your fellow attendees. We’ll also be seeing the next iteration of the GRUEsical, the world’s only musical by, for, and of kinksters, and hosting an open Fire Spin Jam for our fire-spinning friends!

On Sunday, we’ll be repeating the schedule, with breakfast at 8:30 AM, followed by GRUE Secundus, the continuation of Saturday’s event! Lunch will again appear from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. If you purchased a 3-day ticket, you’ll need to be packed and out of your cabins by 2PM that afternoon, though you may stay on the grounds to participate in the Closing Circle at 3PM. Otherwise, you’ll be able to continue your AfterGRUE fun for another 24 hours (dinner will be served at 6:30 PM again), as well as hang out and watch (or participate in) the Hot Ash cigar competition.

On Monday, we’ll wrap up the event after GRUEcakes, a pancake brunch cooked up by Graydancer in his (in)famous kilt. Enjoy some pancakes and feel free to continue any discussions, classes, or demos you missed out on Saturday and Sunday, or just chill out with friends old and new, relax in the pool, or play in the dungeon for a few hours.

Unfortunately, all good things will come to an end, and we ask that you be cleared out of your cabins by 2PM on Monday, which is also when the main dungeon area will be closing.